Dura-Line Clear-Lock Couplers

Introducing: Dura-Line Clear-Lock Couplers

The same time-tested and approved functionality with the ability to see through to verify an easy pass-through design. Check out these enhancements!

    • The clear center allows visual confirmation of installing the HDPE conduit correctly
    • Slightly shorter than the traditional Push-Lock, making it a perfect solution for limited access areas or pull boxes and vaults.
    • The same simple, one person ‘push on’ assembly lowers installation costs
    • Self-locking ring design assembles in seconds and is re-enterable
    • Pre-lubricated O-ring is watertight and airtight ideal for fiber blowing
    • Available in popular 1.25” and 2.00” orange
    • For HDPE to HDPE
    • The non-metallic design provides excellent corrosion resistance while withstanding dielectric properties

The new Clear-Lock coupler by Dura-Line features a clear midsection that allows for fast and easy installation onto duct. The new and improved clear midsection adds to the visibility during installation and removes all the guesswork by providing a visual confirmation that the conduit has been inserted properly into the coupler. Simply prepare and push the HDPE conduit into each end for a locked air-sealed and watertight assembly. 

Check out Dura-Line Clear-Lock Couplers:

 Quick Specs

200-1100051.25″ Clear-Lock Coupler1.650 – 1.670″5″250 PSI
200-1100552.00″ Clear-Lock Coupler2.365 – 2.385″7″250 PSI

Why use a coupler? 

Couplers are used to join two lengths of HDPE conduits together. They provide air and water-tight connections where fiber optic cable is the most vulnerable- at the duct joint. The Dura-Line Clear-Lock coupler is suited for handholes, pull boxes, or other limited-access areas and can be used for cable pulling or fiber blowing applications. It features a non-metallic construction that is corrosion resistant in buried or encased applications and also has dielectric properties. 

Installation Process 

This new coupler is great for ensuring proper HDPE conduit installation. After using a cone chamfer tool to prepare your HDPE conduit, giving it a rounded-edge as well as removing burrs to make installing it into the coupler easier, one can insert it into each end of the coupler. The clear center ensures the HDPE conduit has been pushed in entirely and is seated at the center stop and not just hitting resistance from the locking ring or o-ring. If a coupler is not installed fully, it may not be sealed properly and could blow off. 

Clear-Lock Design

New Dura-Line Clear-Lock Couplers debuted in two sizes, 1.25” and 2.00” to fit commonly installed HDPE duct sizes. Additionally, since the coupler is shorter than the original Push-Lock, it is ideal for limited access areas such as handholes or pull boxes. Furthermore, because of its design, only one person is needed to install each coupler saving you time and money by lowering installation costs.

About Dura-Line

The Telecom industry and contractors all over the globe depend on Dura-Line for more than 60 years. In 1971, Dura-Line began as a simple pipe extrusion company in Middlesboro, Kentucky for the potable water market. After being approached about the possibility of creating a conduit product specifically designed to hold communication cables, Dura-Line became the first manufacturer to meet this industry’s need. They’ve continued a tradition of innovation that has supported the growth and expansion of the telecommunications industry.

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