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Part#: 900-020029

An innovative, low-cost analyzer for installation, maintenance and repair of any CWDM network.

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Part#: 900-020037

Full-featured, handheld optical power meter with InGaAs Detector suited for single-mode networks

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Part#: 900-080044

Exfo LC power meter adapter cap, price per each

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Part#: 900-020999-ROGUE-OLTS

AFL’s ROGUE OLTS Certifier measures insertion loss, return loss, and length bi-directionally to industry standards on both multimode and singlemode networks. Offered as a matched pair of units, with each unit featuring 4 test ports. Two of the ports combine a light source and power meter to enable bi-directional testing on single or dual fibers. The other two ports are a dedicated power meter and a visual fault identifier (VFI) to help troubleshoot networks. Price per each. Request quote below.

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Part#: 900-020999-TS100

AFL’s FlexScan TS100 Optical Troubleshooter is an easy-to-use, all-in-one tool for detecting, identifying, locating, and resolving single-mode optical network issues. Price per each. Configure your’s below!

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Part#: 900-020999-OX1

Verify optical links in seconds and automatically explore further when potential issues are suspected. Accelerate fiber rollouts, simplify activation procedures and improve robustness of repairs for better QoS and MTTR.

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