Who We Serve

Broadband and wireless service provider and carriers. Telecommunication construction companies. Telecom engineers. Engineering consultants. Today, everyone strives to be more streamlined and cost-effective in fiber optic network development.

Millennium Geospatial comes to the table with technology, data and consulting services that strengthen your capabilities, so you can get your project done faster, better. We can even train your team with the very same GIS know-how that we provide.

We work with clients in more than 40 states to address their unique data, engineering, and project management needs with custom created field applications, dashboards, and data integration.

Let’s be more efficient, together.

Randall Rene

What Our Clients are Saying

The team at Millennium Geospatial uses a combination of modern GIS tools, collaboration, and education to provide actionable network designs and streamlined workflows, helping communication service providers bridge the digital divide.

Randall Rene
Industry Solutions Specialist | Telecommunications ESRI