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Our Feasibility Study helps clarify where best to build, when, and how much to budget. Our experts bring decades of real-world industry experience to the table and combine it with a deep understanding of geospatial technology to produce a detailed roadmap.

Each Feasibility Study documents:






Step-by-step implementation plan


Financial impact summary

Our team has decades of collective real-world experience, so we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. And we’ll do everything we can to keep you clear of those last two.

Tim Rout

What Our Clients are Saying

We had a project with very unique engineering requirements. We engaged with Millennium Geospatial to produce a complete design with detailed construction drawings. Kevin was always communicative and enthusiastic about solving problems on a short timeline. His team was great to work with.

Tim Rout
CEO | AccessParks

5 Reasons Why A Feasibility Study Is An Important Investment

If you build it, they will come.

Or will they?

This is “The $64,000 Question” that every Network owner is constantly asking themselves as they work to grow and scale their business. Ultimately, Network owners want to know:

While it’s an upfront cost, and no one loves those, it’s an important one. It’s one of those things that can (and likely will) save a lot of dollars and headaches down the road and make it pretty crystal clear on what next steps should be (and when).

Here are 5 reasons why a Feasibility Study is an important investment:

The value of an in depth Feasibility Study from a quality GIS firm is that you have data – often more than you ever wanted to sift through – and that data turns into a business plan/roadmap that can keep a company growing and changing for years to come.

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