Where Should
We Begin?

Are you a network owner passionate about reaching new markets? Or a citizen eager to see your community connected to the power of a broadband network? Wherever you are in the process, our team is standing by to advise, support, and help execute your dream. 

If you’re anything like us — passionate, curious, caring, and dependable — we’d love to work with you!


Our experts can help you access public funding or a bridge loan from our investment fund.


Materials & Equipment

Millennium stocks the products you need and the flexibility to buy or lease.


We support the detailed planning that ensures your success, including geospatial services and broadband solutions.


Millennium Experience

Your project is unique, and we take a unique approach to help you achieve your goals.

Millennium is the only partner in the industry to offer support for the full lifecycle of our client’s needs. Learn more about the three “uniques” that set us apart from the pack: