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At Millennium Geospatial, we work with your team to get a network constructed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Guiding it. Avoiding speed bumps, anticipating the unknown. It’s not getting any cheaper to build, but we create customized, specialized tools to help keep your project cost-effective.

During the construction process, we can help with:

Been-there, done-that makes for a great helping hand.

John Procunier

What Our Clients are Saying

"Millennium Geospatial are professionals in every aspect of the word! As our project changed and morphed so did their team, seamlessly I would add. Most impressively when asked to expedite the results a number of months, they were able to accommodate. We appreciate their openness, honesty, feedback, and suggestions. Everything delivered exceeded our expectations.”

John Procunier
Vice President | E-Vergent

5 Tips For Helping Companies Achieve Construction Efficiencies

Building efficiencies into a telecom business is critical to get/stay/remain competitive and relevant in today’s marketplace and we’re pleased to report that the tools for doing so are becoming more accessible and user friendly by the minute. Here are 5 tips/tools that are helping companies achieve construction efficiencies right now:

While we think that GIS is the way to go, we understand that it’s not for everyone and/or it may take a while to make a conversion. With this in mind, we strongly suggest that businesses have a centralized place/method for records regardless of format. Even if things are in csv, BI report, KMZ, etc, consolidate them. Why? For all the reasons that you would think:
  • Easier visibility into projects and records
  • Easier to track info
  • More accountability

The reason that GIS is the basis for most of the solutions we support clients with and through is spatial analysis. It’s undeniable that you can do so much more when you add spatial analysis to the mix. Think about info sitting in an Excel spreadsheet and then think of the same info sitting on a Dashboard with real-time updates (both are explained below). It’s a night and day difference.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Dashboards and frankly, so is much of the world these days. It all comes down to the old saying: What’s measured is improved. Also:
  • Dashboards are the best way to visualize the data
  • Data is in one place
  • Data can be presented to/for multiple audiences
Unlike data sources like encyclopedias that are out of date as soon as they’re printed, here in the land of telecom, some of the pros of real-time updates include:
  • Allows companies to be proactive versus reactive
  • Gives companies increased visibility
  • Allows for quicker hand offs
  • Allows for quicker billing

Using devices like iPads, iPhones, Android phones and the like out in the field are what enables real-time updates and reporting to occur. It works like this:

  • The device is programmed to be used specifically as a field app
  • People in the field enter updates (usually as easy as point and click)
  • Updates are reflected on the Dashboard
  • Rinse and repeat

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