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Our advanced geospatial mapping technology is specifically tailored to fiber optic network design and construction. A highly developed, proprietary software platform that provides geographic and spatial intelligence views into network planning and design.

Intelligence points out the path to efficiency and profitability… and the obstacles to avoid along the way.

Randall Rene
Josh Luthman

What Our Clients are Saying

The team at Millennium Geospatial uses a combination of modern GIS tools, collaboration, and education to provide actionable network designs and streamlined workflows, helping communication service providers bridge the digital divide.

Randall Rene
Industry Solutions Specialist | Telecommunications ESRI

Imagine Networks was researching doing fiber for a long time. It wasn't until speaking with the Millennium Geospatial team that we felt comfortable to move forward on our projects. Coming from a Fixed Wireless Broadband business, it was most refreshing to have engineers plan the network for us down to the foot. All Imagine Networks had to do was the field work based on their well designed routes and great choice in product. We look forward to working with them again on many more projects.

Josh Luthman
President | Imagine Networks

5 Ways Companies
Work With Geospatial Engineers

There are many ways that Geospatial Engineers can support companies, even those who “already do engineering.” Let’s take a look at 5 examples of the Geospatial Engineers that can support your business.

Engineers with one skillset working in partnership with Engineers who possess another skillset to accomplish something bigger than could be accomplished before.

Sometimes on projects certain requirements are needed. Examples include a P.E. stamp, a certain drawing or plan and profile. That’s where the Engineer’s Engineer can come in and bring value. They can provide that needed service and allow you to see the process in action. They can even guide you through the process which can clear a path for you to do what they do on your own some day. Think of it as more of a true consulting effort versus simply getting a certain task completed to get you to the next step in the process.

A well-equipped short-term addition to your team until an in-house engineer is needed.

Working with Engineering consultants allows a business to bring an already trained up A team to the party to dive in and be effective almost immediately.

Support for the Network owner as growth kicks into high gear.

A Front End Geospatial Engineer can allow for the up front Engineering needs to be cared for using GIS tools to keep things moving along quickly, and once the project is ready to go to construction the Network owner can step back into the driver’s seat with all the information they need to continue.

Consulting from experts to help drive efficiencies in your business.

Leveraging data allows a GIS consultant to get a quicker snapshot of a much larger project that is rooted in good data points to help clients make a more informed and ultimately better decisions. Examples include automating hand-offs, simplifying reports and getting the entire team working off the same “sheet of music”. Our “job” in this case is to help you simplify the complex.

Training in-house engineers to master the skills of GIS.

There are times when the best next step for a client is to invest in building GIS capabilities on their full-time team. In these situations, an experienced Engineering Consultant can guide clients through everything that needs to happen from start up to ongoing. It’s a herculean effort and the right fit for a small number of companies. But when it is the logical next step, we’re equipped to guide companies through the process.

There are so many different ways that Engineering Consulting firms can work together. There is so much work to be done in the marketplace now and in the future and it’s our sincere belief that the more companies work in partnership, the more opportunity there is for everyone which ultimately helps the consumer.

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