Focused on the Future

About Us

Experience a new level of service never before seen in our industry. We are redefining communication products distribution to drive your success.

We seek out under-served areas where project managers and contractors struggle to get the materials they need on time. We will position and stock a breadth of inventory driven by their requirements and location, and customize our process to support their business needs.

We are focused on redefining communication products and capital equipment distribution in our industry. Our clients can operate in a lean fashion by minimizing their own required inventory levels, shipping costs and purchasing personnel.


Our locations and inventory are driven by what your business needs.


We get to know your business to best fit as a resource and a partner.


Dedicated client service support to provide personal attention to every order.

Our Executive Team


James Kyle
CEO & Founder

James Kyle is the CEO and founder of Millennium where he is responsible for organizing the Company’s market strategy and overseeing the key corporate accounts, accounting, inventory and internal and external corporate processes.


Kyle Kulow
Vice President of Business Development

Working out of Millennium’s Headquarters in Lake Geneva, Kyle is responsible for the implementation of Millennium’s sales and marketing strategies and converting those strategies into action with the Millennium sales and marketing team nationwide.


Nate Wendt
Vice President of Core Business

Nate Wendt is the VP of Operations with his offices located at Millennium headquarters in Lake Geneva, WI. He oversees the day-to-day customer service, warehousing, logistics and financial operations of the company.