Focused on the Future

About Us

Experience a new level of service never before seen in our industry. We are redefining communication products distribution to drive your success.

We seek out under-served areas where project managers and contractors struggle to get the materials they need on time. We will position and stock a breadth of inventory driven by their requirements and location, and customize our process to support their business needs.

We are focused on redefining communication products and capital equipment distribution in our industry. Our clients can operate in a lean fashion by minimizing their own required inventory levels, shipping costs and purchasing personnel.


Our locations and inventory are driven by what your business needs.


We get to know your business to best fit as a resource and a partner.


Dedicated client service support to provide personal attention to every order.

Our Executive Team

James Kyle
Founder & CEO

James began Millennium in 2003 with a vision of delivering solutions to markets where network owners & contractors struggled to receive products and resources that they needed to be successful. Fifteen years later, Millennium has grown to over 9 distribution centers around country and has redefined the customer experience expected of traditional material and equipment distributors.

Under James’ leadership, Millennium was built on a set of defined Core Values which includes a commitment to a Client First Focus. His dedication of helping our clients be successful starts with understanding their needs and then leveraging the right solutions from our 250+ vendor partners in addition to providing exceptional project management support. It’s these attributes that have defined the client experience and charted Millennium’s exponential growth for nearly 15 years. James continues to develop the management team and prides himself on creating an environment for our employees to not only develop, but thrive while catering to our clients and vendors.

Under his guidance, Millennium’s strategic initiatives include a long-term growth strategy into new markets while leveraging a commitment to education, both personally and professionally, to assist in the future development of the communities where Millennium and its employees operate.

In his spare time, James has two daughters and stays active through SCUBA, mountain biking and investing in continuing education through Vistage.

Nate Wendt
Vice President Business Operations

Nate brings to Millennium the financial discipline and sales understanding that has lead to Millennium’s consistent and exponential growth for the better part of the decade. Under his management, his strategic initiatives of our core business has allowed Millennium to expand from 4 distribution locations to 9, with an eye towards further expansion in the coming years.

Organizationally, Nate has championed the Millennium Experience through establishing and enhancing our continual improvement of operational efficiencies that has allowed us to run more efficiently and effectively for our clients. He continues to build Millennium’s brand awareness in our 7 Operational Markets, while championing our Client First Focus of our Client Services Team.

Cynthia Rosenthal
Vice President Marketing & Corporate Training

Cynthia brings to Millennium a proven ability to build brand equity with a passion for introducing product innovation and differentiation. She is ultimately responsible for the overall brand image of Millennium while driving a consistent brand message of Who Millennium Is in the markets they serve. Through product marketing and training, brand image and tradeshow presence; she is equipped to position Millennium and the Millennium Brand throughout their growth targets into the foreseeable future.

Her marketing leadership has allowed Millennium to develop multiple process improvement initiatives from rebranding, tradeshow process, website enhancement, client portal and introducing a formalize launch onboarding process that supports Millennium’s core values. Her background with multiple brands and education is an asset to drive the Millennium Experience forward.

Ryan Cepela
Vice President Finance

Ryan brings to Millennium a host of financial disciplines that will be leveraged to drive the long term vision of Millennium. His financial excellence coupled with long term growth initiatives will position Millennium and their subsidiary companies into the next growth phase. Millennium will be better positioned to support their clients and value-added services in a stable financial environment.

His financial leadership will allow Millennium to expand in new markets, new market segments, and ultimately new business ventures that all align to better support our Client First Focus and become an integral partner to our clients and their growth objectives.