General Machine Products

A family-owned business located in Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a manufacturer of a wide range of products for the telecommunications, power utility and cable television industries, and the contractors who serve them. The company’s total capabilities include the development, prototyping and manufacturing of Aerial Cable Construction Equipment & Tools, Copper & Fiber Cable Placing and Blowing Equipment, Manhole & Duct Tools, Installer’s Hand Tools, Warning Signs, Tents and Tarps, Winches, Motor Vehicle Accessories, Specialty Hardware, Related Supplies and more.

Premium Quality Cable Lashing Machines

GMP is perhaps best known for its line of premium quality cable lashing machines, sometimes called simply “lashers” or “spinners” that wind stainless steel wire around telephone, power, and multi-media cable thereby securing or “lashing” it to the supporting messenger strand between poles. In the 1940’s, the company pioneered the modern automatic lashing machine with Bell Telephone Laboratories, establishing the telephone industry standard in lashing technology. Since then, GMP has produced over 30,000 lashing machines. Some that were manufactured in the 1950’s are still at work today. Five lashing machine models make up the company’s current product line, which covers every type and size of cable.

Fiber Optic Blowing Machines and Trailer Mounted Fiber Pullers

In 2004 GMP acquired CBS Products in England, UK. CBS and GMP manufacture a full line of cable blowing (or cable jetting) machines both domestically and in the UK., for placing fiber optic cables, micro tubes and blown fibers in FTTx. In addition, CBS manufactures winches, pullers and tensioners for electrical transmission and distribution lines and railway trackside cabling.

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