Features & Specifications

ul><li>Access Ready Construction (ARC)
Completely gel-free construction with easy-to-access and identify optical fiber circuits</li><li>SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) optical fiber technology
Easily ribbonized for mass fusion splicing. SWR® is compacted and routed like individual fibers. Ideal for organizing slack loops
in splice enclosures as there is no preferential bending of ribbon. </li><li>Significantly higher fiber density compared to traditional ribbon cables
Offers ability to expand the capacity of existing pathways and allows the use of smaller, lower-cost duct systems. </li><li>Smaller cable diameters and cable weights
Means longer reel lengths that allow for lower scrap rates, easier handling of reels at the site, and reduced transportation costs</li><li>Completely dry water-blocking technology
Reduces time required to prep cable-end and mid-span access resulting in labor savings</li><li>Compact ribbon bundles
Reduces enclosure/splice tray size requirements allowing for smaller telecommunications space allocation</li><li>Armored and non-armored packages
Supports all the standard cable deployment options typically found in the OSP environment including, duct, direct buried, and aerial</li></ul>

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