1 in a MIL: Millennium’s Influential Leaders – Denay Boilek

Denay Boilek - 1 in a MIL

Our 1 in a MIL spotlight recognizes Denay Boilek of Millennium Wisconsin (South).

Millennium’s Influential Leaders (aka 1 in a MIL) help inspire people to be the best versions of themselves while helping drive the business forward. Their intentions and goals focus on both results and people; they create circles of influence and lead by inspiring people around them to be better. They aren’t necessarily managers or have direct reports. However, they contribute to the overall success of Millennium by the way they carry themselves, support the organization, and overall contribute to our culture. They are caring and curious. They are dependable and passionate. They are one in a Millennium.

Today we are excited to turn that spotlight on Denay Boilek. Denay has been with Millennium for 6 years. In that time she has grown in her role at Millennium and continues to impress her clients and coworkers with her hard work and dedication. Simply put, she makes things happen – every single day. Not just for our clients and vendors, but for her Millennium family and community as well. She is a natural giver – consistently sharing her knowledge, experience, and time with others.

Denay embodies our core values both personally and professionally. She is responsible for helping manage multiple large projects, many of which span out over many years. For each project, she is curious and learns her clients’ expectations and does her part to ensure we meet and even exceed them. She manages the materials to ensure they have what they need when they need it. The amount of focus, time, and detail that Denay puts in daily to communicate with our vendors, our clients, and team members delivers the best Millennium experience to our clients. Her behavior, character, and kindness inspire those around her to be better, more caring, and giving.

We sat down with Denay to get to know her a little better and to learn about her experiences working for Millennium and what she is passionate about outside of work.

Is there someone at Millennium who has helped you grow personally and professionally?

There are so many people that help on a daily basis, but as I look back on my career, I have to recognize Nate Wendt and Dave West. From day one, Nate has always been a sounding board and friend that I am able to lean on. He always sees the best in me and pushes me to be and do better. Dave has been such an amazing leader that I have the privilege to stand behind. He challenges me to not only be my best professionally but is such an encouragement to my personal goals. He was such an unexpected friend that I never saw coming, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Tell us about an accomplishment (inside/outside of work) that you’re proud of?

I got my Advanced EMT license and worked for a local fire department for about 5 years.

What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?

I enjoy kayaking! To get outside, enjoy the water, and relax is my happy place.

Tell us something surprising about yourself or something unique about you.

I’ve spent a little bit of time traveling. I’ve visited 20+ states as well as Canada, China, Mongolia, Honduras, El Salvador, and have dreams of visiting many, many more!

What are some causes you care about?

My husband and I have overseen our local food pantry for over 7 years.

Thanks for being awesome, Denay – Keep it up! 👍

Who’s your favorite Millennium team member? Anyone go above and beyond for you?
We’d like to know!