The Millennium Group Partners with HiCountryNet

By: Kevin Czaicki, Millennium VP of Broadband Solutions

Meet the Millennium Group: Helping Create the Greatest Broadband Networks on Earth

Hey everyone, my name is Kevin Czaicki and I recently joined the Millennium family as the VP of Broadband Solutions. You might have noticed, I’ve started showing up at random meetings to talk about The Millennium Group, especially when lunch or dinner is served. All kidding aside, I have met with several providers of all sizes from coast to coast to learn more about their business needs and share how The Millennium Group can help their company grow. Before I share one particular story of a company’s partnership with The Millennium Group, I want to share a little about myself and my journey within the telecommunications industry.

My career started in the United States Air Force. I will spare the details, but I was given a book of potential careers and for some reason picked the telecommunication industry. At the time it was mostly about making calls and traveling constantly to install new large copper and fiber projects in places like Korea, Alaska, and all over California. Fiber optics was emerging quickly in the military because of the security benefits at the time. These projects included building everything from the central office to the premises on Air Force bases. This meant that we installed conduit, handholes, pedestals, splice cases, and terminations for the end users.

After the Air Force, I worked my way through and up the corporate structures in operations, engineering, and sales of nearly every voice, broadband, and data products provided today, which brings me to Millennium.

I serve Millennium clients as a pathway to all things The Millennium Group offers today, as well as what we can do in the future. It has been amazing to meet and work with the many people that are changing the broadband landscape. They provide next-generation fiber optic solutions to communities of every size around the United States, like Paul Murdock with HiCountryNet.

Meeting Paul Murdock of HiCountryNet

One of the first people that I partnered with was Paul, who has already become a legend to me. Paul is forging the new technology frontier in Herriman, UT which is just outside Salt Lake City. Paul has a similar story as many broadband providers around the nation. When he started it was a very rural, very spotty internet connectivity, in the southwest part of the Salt Lake City valley. Through the years Paul deployed the latest wireless technologies available and later sold that business.

It did not take long before the community was knocking on Paul’s door to provide the quality internet they once loved, so in 2015, Paul jumped back in, and started HiCountryNet by deploying the latest wireless technology available. Paul quickly realized that fiber optics was the ultimate solution for not only today’s needs but the future, so he started deploying fiber optics in the areas surrounding Herriman.

How Millennium Partnered with HiCountryNet

Paul has been working and strategizing with Millennium’s Salt Lake City rep, Jeremy Schintgen. Paul originally connected with Jeremy to learn more about Millennium Leasing to potentially rent or lease a micro blower; however, in the end, he decided to buy the equipment. Jeremy has continued to partner with Paul bringing him whatever Millennium resources he needed for success. Millennium has helped get the materials and help manage HiCountryNet’s inventory. So while Jeremy has helped Paul build his network with fiber, conduit, and other materials, Paul has taught Jeremy about his network and expansion plans into new service markets around Herriman.

Providers, like Paul, often evaluate what growth and success look like and create a strategic plan around it. Paul was at the point where he successfully built his network but was facing challenges with speed to deliver in the new competitive areas, which is when Jeremy introduced me to Paul. Initially, we discussed what he was trying to accomplish and what success looks like to him. We then reviewed the details and the political environment to create a plan. We then worked together to help finance his dreams with the Millennium Infrastructure Fund. It was a great solution to help Paul save money and speed up his deployment plans.

Recently, Paul also met with the Millennium Geospatial team to review his network design. During this meeting, it was discovered that the engineering software he was using might have some limitations to it. The Millennium Geospatial team then reviewed software options with Paul to develop and implement the most advanced and reliable fiber optic cable network design.

To help ensure success for our clients, The Millennium Group also partners with other organizations in the broadband industry and can help facilitate meetings when needed, like with Widelity. Widelity specializes in filing for funding and Government Compliance to navigate the complexities of this process with broadband providers. So while there are billions of dollars available for public funding and grants for many companies, regardless of size, we understand it can be a challenge to successfully be awarded and manage the funding and want to help in any way we can with the process.

The Millennium Group stands with our clients, like with Paul at HiCountryNet, throughout the entire build process. We want our clients to know they are not alone during their projects. We will help make s#!t happen to see their dreams come true. So if you are wanting to expand and grow your business, email me today, and let’s get started.

And if you’re still not convinced about how great Paul is, he is offering multi-gigabit services. This is just one example of why I consider Paul a technology pioneer and legend in the broadband industry. I would definitely recommend living in Herriman, so if you are looking to live near Salt Lake City, check out Herriman and what services HiCountryNet has to offer.

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