The Internship Program At Millennium Geospatial

While there are more and more opportunities to study GIS in college, hands-on experience is an invaluable opportunity for any self-starter with curiosity and interest in maps and technology to try out a career in GIS. The Intern program at Millennium Geospatial was created to give people a paid opportunity to learn GIS and make a difference in communities where their projects are located.

Think about how time was/is spent during the pandemic of 2020. People around the globe have relied on an a daily Internet connection to connect with others personally and professionally. This quickly revealed where improvement is needed for better access and connectivity. Many of our projects involve helping clients be a part of that solution.

Recently, several of our interns created a video to share what it’s like to work in GIS and on the Millennium Geospatial team. They did a great job producing this piece and we hope you find it informative and helpful.

Interested in learning more about the Millennium Geospatial internship opportunity? Click here to review the role description and learn where/how to apply!