1 in a MIL: Millennium’s Influential Leaders – Clint Broberg


This month’s 1 in a MIL spotlight recognizes Clint Broberg of Millennium Utah.

At Millennium, our core values drive our success. These core values were created as a commitment to our clients to elevate the level of service we provide. This commitment is also to our employees in order to help them succeed. We created the 1 in a MIL spotlight to recognize employees who are great examples of our core values and who have proven to be one of Millennium’s Influential Leaders (MIL!) through their dedication to our clients.  

Today we are excited to turn that spotlight onto Clint Broberg. He has worked for Millennium for 5 years in our Salt Lake City location. As an Account Manager, Clint not only assists clients in Utah, but works with clients in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana as well. Our very own Jessica Mauk of Marketing interviewed him about his experiences:

JM: How have you grown with Millennium?

CB: Before Millennium, I was an electrician and then I went to work with the electrical distribution out of Salt Lake City. I knew very little about fiber, but in just 5 years at Millennium and with the commitment to education, I’ve gained the knowledge I need to serve my clients. I’ve done everything from field testing fiber, fiber blowing, and splicing. Millennium has made sure that we don’t just sell products – We also provide superior service to our clients.

JM: What do you like best about working at Millennium?

CB: Working at Millennium, I have always felt like I was apart of something bigger. It’s not just a job – It’s family, friends, and fun!

JM: Which Millennium core value do you identify with the most, and why?

CB: Teamwork has been a part of my life. I grew up with five brothers and we always had each other’s back. I’ve played team sports at a very young age. There isn’t anything I do at Millennium that doesn’t include my whole team, not just here in Salt Lake, but all of Millennium.

JM: Can you tell me about a time when you went the extra mile for a client?

Yes! I have this client in Southern Utah who had ordered some 4-way conduit for a project he had. We sent him the conduit, but the trucking company had damaged the conduit. He called me and had to have the project completed by the end of the next day and couldn’t wait for another shipment.
We had the conduit in stock in Salt Lake and could deliver it but our trailer was at the shop getting fixed. We tried to find a hotshot, but we couldn’t get anyone to get it there by the next day. At 3:00 pm, I called my brother and borrowed his trailer. I left my house at 4 am, and delivered the conduit by 8:00 am the next morning. The client was able to finish his project on time. We just had to get creative.

Thank you, Clint – keep up the great work!