The Millennium Way: Our Core Values

Millennium doesn’t make hiring decisions based on experience, we hire on our core values – Passionate, Curious, Caring, and Dependable. We believe in finding the right people and placing them in the right seats to ensure successful operations for our employees and clients. Our values make up who Millennium is, our culture, and how we conduct business to best help our clients and make s#!t happen for them. Here are only a few examples of how our employees exemplify our values.

Be Passionate. 

What Passionate is…

  • Be real to yourself and others
  • Fully invested in yourself, your team, your community, and your company
  • Driven to win
  • Believing in the shared vision and authentically driving towards it

What Passionate is NOT…

  • Bring up issues but never part of the solution
  • Negative energy, being destructive in what you say or do
  • Not believing in the greater purpose
  • Say all the right things, but do none of them
  • Just punching a time clock

One person who exemplifies being passionate is Lexi Houghton, Millennium’s Corporate Trainer. Lexi started at Millennium in the accounting department but wanted to help grow Millennium and work on bringing Millennium’s employee training to the next level. After only being in the position for a year, Lexi has only grown more passionate within her new position. She has a can-do positive attitude with anything she does or is asked of her. She is constantly uplifting others and doing anything she can to help someone succeed. Her training portrays the Millennium vision and strives to always align employees with it.

One specific example of Lexi’s passion can be seen with the Total Wellness Committee. She noticed a gap in engagement across Millennium locations and wanted to increase involvement while helping others. She spearheaded this committee and organizes activities throughout the year for employees to participate in. From chili cook-offs to walking competitions to food drives and so much more. Lexi strives to continue to invest in Millennium employees and help the surrounding communities. Lexi has taken this program to a new level with her passion.

Be Curious. 

What Curious is…

  • Client First Focus
  • Ask questions and listen
  • Commitment to education for yourself, clients, and company

What Curious is NOT…

  • Avoiding challenges, tough conversations, and just accepting things as they are
  • Always choosing the easy path
  • Complacency and lack of wanting to learn

Jennifer Hudson is nothing less than curious. She joined Millennium as the Integration Coordinator; however, she recently transitioned into a Sales Coordinator role for the Tennessee market. In both roles, Jen has always put others first. From helping employees understand company policies and benefits, to clients coming to her with a wide array of questions, Jen will always find answers for them. She has always been committed to helping others succeed.

The greatest example of Jennifer’s curiosity was demonstrated when she transitioned roles. With previous quote experience, she was able to ask the right questions to find a new challenge for herself while drawing on her experiences. Since being in the new role, Jen has had to learn about the telecommunications industry including its products and services. She has had to navigate difficult conversations with clients about the volatile and changing market and tries to find the best solutions for her clients. She is always willing to learn more to help herself grow professionally and to better assist her client’s success.

Be Caring.

What Caring is…

  • Fostering strong relationships
  • Empathy
  • Be genuine in your approach to others
  • Listen to understand, understand to help
  • Have the tough conversations because you care about others too much to avoid them

What Caring is NOT…..

  • Only concerned about yourself, your growth, your day, your success, your failures
  • Placing yourself or your team above the company
  • Gossip
  • Winning at all costs
  • Not giving of your time to help others

Utah Sales Rep, Jeremy Schintgen embodies what it means to be caring. Jeremy started with Millennium right out of high school and has “grown up in the business” gaining a lot of experience and knowledge along the way, which he will share with anyone. While learning about the industry, he learned about the importance of building relationships with not only his clients, but teammates as well. Jeremy is the ultimate team player with his genuine approach and enthusiasm to help others.

There are too many stories to just pick one to share about how Jeremy cares about his clients, teammates, and Millennium. Whether Jeremy is working in the office or traveling to see a client, he is always available to help others. He is willing to take the time to train someone or even answer product questions, and will even help to find the correct one. Jeremy also takes the time to listen to one’s problems and talk through solutions that would be most beneficial. Anyone who meets Jeremy knows that he truly cares about others, personally and professionally, and because of this he has become a role model for many.

Be Dependable.

What Dependable is…

  • Do what you say you are going to do
  • Be available
  • Take ownership
  • Be responsive

What Dependable is NOT…

  • Only doing the things that benefit you
  • Lack of follow-through

David Stone, Logistics Analyst, demonstrates what it means to be dependable daily. As someone who works with sales reps across the country, Stone keeps a tight operation to ensure success; not only for himself but the sales team and clients. He is always one of the first people through the door in the mornings and gets to work scheduling freight and maintaining freight relationships to get the best deliveries for our clients.

Anyone who works with Stone will tell you how dependable he is. Stone works with all of the Millennium sales reps and is able to respond quickly to each shipping request, and in this industry, timing can be everything. He goes above and beyond with each request by providing multiple options and will even send additional information to make sure the person has everything they need when communicating with vendors and clients. Stone is also available to help answer any questions and even helps train new hires on the freight process. Stone’s dependability is appreciated by his teammates, vendors, and clients.

Millennium is the company it is today because of our employees and how each one embodies the four core values – Passionate, Curious, Caring, and Dependable. Lexi, Jennifer, Jeremy, and Stone’s stories are only a few examples of how dedicated Millennium employees are and how they make a difference within Millennium by creating a special company culture and helping our clients. If you live and work by our core values, apply to one of our 17 Millennium locations today!