How Millennium can Increase Efficiency and Reduce Headaches During a Fiber Build

You can’t control the weather…

Unlike forecasting the weather, predicting what you need for a fiber build is one thing we can help you with. By working with Millennium, we can help forecast, stage, and manage your materials, which in turn helps to minimize headaches associated with project management. We also stock local inventory and can warehouse your materials for you. We strive to partner with you to be the best solutions provider to increase your fiber build project efficiency.

… But we can control what happens with your materials

Partner with us as a material supplier to help you forecast your needs:

  • Stage/Manage materials with moving project timelines and lead times.
  • Schedule deliveries to job sites, warehouses, or project yards.
  • Support your contractors’ needs for phased material builds.
  • Source materials from multiple manufacturers.
  • Quickly find solutions to when things go wrong.

Millennium has you covered.  Think of Millennium as an extension to your purchasing team who can manage your materials (and cashflow) so that you and your business stay efficient.  During a project build, you don’t want to be chasing down missing or lost materials, figuring out how to deal with damaged items, or much less dealing with extended lead times that could have been managed at the beginning of the project, so let us help you with that. 

Any distributor can provide a quote on the materials you need.  However, picking a partner who will help with Project/Materials Management is key to a successful fiber build.  Millennium has helped many network owners and contractors alike plan every stage of a project regarding a fiber build.  Our experience allows us to partner with you to help you plan an efficient fiber build at every stage of the project.

To start, we want to sit down and discuss your project needs.  When we discuss your plan and timeline, we’re already thinking about how to accomplish your project needs based on your schedule and materials.  We can also review your fiber build vision and scope along with all the planned phases. We want to know how we can help manage the material details so you don’t have too. Our goal is to relieve you of any project headaches by leveraging our solutions including our relationships. 

Millennium is proud to work with an array of manufacturers. When discussing your material management and forecasting needs, this helps us to familiarize ourselves and inform you of current lead times and any issues that may be occuring within the market.  We look to solve your problems by leveraging our manufacturer relationships by sourcing any additional material solutions to address any shortfalls. If faced with extended material lead times or shortages in one area, we can look at finding additional workarounds or solutions to keep your project on track.  We will work on your schedule to find the right solution.

Unlike other distributors, we want to partner with you. Together we can create a plan on how to tackle every phase of your project focusing on delivering solutions regarding staging your forecasted materials whether that be for delivery, managing inventory details, or stocking at our warehouses.

Let us help you stage and manage your project materials

Kicking off a project, how do you start?  We know you don’t want all the materials to arrive at one time and be left with a large invoice while the materials just sit around, deal with fluctuating lead times, or delivery headaches that can leave you in a bind. Plus no one likes it when projects are behind due to other unforeseen circumstances or short notice. Start your project with us. One of the ways Millennium can reduce your headaches is by staging your material. 

By letting Millennium Stage and Manage the details you get the benefits of: 

  • Letting someone else chase down and manage lead times for delivery.  
  • As lead times may change, someone is watching all the components to follow up to ensure on time delivery.
  • Having someone else look at ways to fix problems, should they arise.
  • Managing communication to the manufacturer for routing/re-routing deliveries. 
  • Materials come to you in smaller stages, so you don’t have to worry about lost or misplaced materials – just the ones you need at that time.

By letting Millennium stage your materials you get the benefit of less delays and shorter lead times. In an industry where lead times can vary greatly, it is important to plan for upcoming projects. Because lead times can and will change often, forecasting your materials can help you plan ahead on when the job can be done. It can also help to ensure on time delivery. By knowing what you will need and when you will need it, you can avoid long lead times but getting your materials earlier and letting us stage them for you. Plus this allows you to get only the materials for that phase of the project as well.

While we strive to do our best, sometimes mistakes happen or things take longer than expected. When these unforeseen problems arise, your designated team member will work with you to troubleshoot, problem solve, and provide any necessary solutions to make it right. They will advocate for your needs with our vendors, find alternative options when needed, and assist with any other delivery issues. We want to help make sure your projects are completed on-time and within budget while reducing your headaches.

Millennium can also save you money by introducing new solutions from our manufacturers and rep partners. As a solutions provider we strive to get you the products you need by leveraging our relationships with more than 250 manufacturers and vendors. From common products to special orders, we will work with you to find you the right product to fit your needs. And if we don’t stock a product you need, we will help source it to make sure you get it.

Millennium also offers order updates and tracking by your designated team member who will champion your order process. You will have one dependable contact who will communicate with you through the stages of your order on your terms whether that be calling, emailing, texting or another messaging platform for any order updates. Your team member will track every line on every order to ensure it arrives when you expect it to. If there are any delivery issues with damaged material you can communicate with your designated team member and they will help resolve the issue. Your designated team member will champion your order all the way from receiving the sales order to delivery, working proactively on your behalf to save you time, money, and headaches. 

Another great benefit to staging your materials is saving money on labor costs. Making sure you have the right products at the right time can cut down on crews waiting around for the correct product to show up at the job site. The majority of costs associated with a fiber optic network builds are labor costs. So by forecasting and staging your materials you can save money by scheduling your crews as the products are available to you. This can help make sure your crews are productively working and not standing around waiting, reducing your efficiency.

Local Inventory Means What You Want, When You Want It

Advantages of local inventory: 

  • No missing or lost products costing you money. 
  • Having what you want when you want it by allowing us to manage reorder points. 
  • Pick up materials at one of our 12 warehouses or get them delivered within a 3 hour radius. 

Our 12 warehouses around the United States allow for us to warehouse and inventory materials that contractors use every day.  You may have a variety of pick-ups and deliveries happening for different jobs at the same time so let Millennium easily manage warehousing your materials for your contractors to pick up as they need to for their current project.  No need to worry about how many handholes someone just took, where the bug nuts were placed.  Our warehouses are here to help manage your project needs and monitor demand, so we can reorder before we’re out of stock.

Additionally, If you have a busy schedule, you can use Millennium’s staging service to make sure your products arrive when you want them to as well. It can be hard when there is a lot of product sitting around and in the way of people or equipment. Having your products delivered on time in phases can reduce clutter as well as the chance of your products getting damaged while waiting to be installed. It can also lower the chances of lost or misplaced inventory with your warehouse, ultimately saving you money and unnecessary headaches. 

Millennium also stocks 40 days of inventory at each warehouse which can help prevent you any delays. So if you happen to run out of inventory on a common product within your market, we probably have it in stock as we proactively manage and reorder materials. And if your local warehouse doesn’t stock the product you need, chances are we can have it delivered from another location. 

Millennium delivers within a 3 hour radius of each warehouse to make it easy to manage your project details. With the ability to have your materials delivered or picked up at a warehouse, your crews will stay busy and you will have the products you need when you need them. Our commitment to local inventory can save you on labor costs as well as reduce any delays that may have occurred otherwise.  

Millennium is proud to partner with you to continue to increase your efficiency when planning your next fiber optic network build. We believe a large part of that is forecasting and staging materials for your project as well as having local inventory. We will work with you to learn and understand your business needs to help you grow your efficiency by saving you time and money, helping you plan ahead and reduce headaches, as well as avoid or lessen any delays to your projects.