1 in a MIL: Millennium’s Influential Leaders – Jamie Sinclair

Jamie Sinclair - 1 in a MIL

Our 1 in a MIL spotlight recognizes Jamie Sinclair of Millennium Tennessee.

Millennium’s Influential Leaders (aka 1 in a MIL) help inspire people to be the best versions of themselves while helping drive the business forward. Their goals include both people and results; they create circles of influence and lead by inspiring people around them to be better. They aren’t necessarily managers or have direct reports. However, they contribute to the overall success of Millennium by the way they carry themselves, support the organization, and overall contribute to our culture. They are caring and curious. They are dependable and passionate. They are one in a Millennium.

Today, we are excited to turn that spotlight onto Jamie Sinclair. Jamie has been with Millennium for almost 3 years now. In that time frame, she has made a big impression on her clients and her fellow co-workers. She cares about the success of Millennium and all of her teammates. Every day Jamie shows up with a passion to solve problems, improve Millennium, and get things done for our clients and her teammates. Recently, Jamie was asked to help out a fellow teammate from another location who was new and feeling a little overwhelmed in their new role. Jamie took this person under her wing and actively engaged, coached, and connected with this person. Giving them the knowledge, confidence, and fire to go back to their own territory and be successful. Caring is a mark of a good leader… Jamie has that!

We sat down with Jamie to get to know her a little better and hear her experiences about working for Millennium and what she is passionate about outside of work.

What brought you to Millennium?

I decided to join Millennium for the culture. I met with Patrick (TN Market Manager) and met a few clients in our market, then went to Wisconsin for training and was hooked. The people in the company are good and supportive and I love our TN clients.

Tell us a little about how you’ve personally grown from being a part of Millennium?

I’ve learned that every solution is not easy to find, it’s the hunt to find it that is rewarding. Our clients rely on us to figure out a solution and when we can find it in the time they need it and provide additional resources, the look on our client’s face when we get a win, priceless!

What inspires you to wake up every day and bring the best version of yourself to Millennium?

My clients and team inspire me. Their dedication to their business and growth inspires me to try harder and help them find what they need and watch how we grow together professionally.

Is there someone at Millennium who has helped you grow personally and professionally?

Patrick is a HUGE resource and truly has been a great mentor and leader. He is a trough of information in the industry as well as a bridge when I need to make new connections. I know I can reach out to him on anything personal or professional, and he’s got my back. He, also, will tell me when we need to get back on track and holds me accountable. I think Patrick sees that I just have grit and can get the job done, not to mention I truly care about the clients I am helping.

Tell us about an accomplishment that you’re proud of?

I am proud every single day that I can find a solution for our clients to keep them working and on track. The reward is that thumbs up text or “you’re the bomb” email I get back from them.

Name a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year.

I plan to enter a 5k (probably later in the year because I’m not even a runner) and hopefully grow upwards professionally.

What are you happiest doing when you’re not working?

I am happiest outdoors – hiking, biking, kayaking, soaking up the rays, and getting a sweat on.

Tell us something surprising or unique about you.

I’ve lived most of my life near the water on all coasts in the US – including Hawaii!

Thank you so much, Jamie – We see that you do more than just show up; you show us all how it’s done. 👍

Who’s your favorite Millennium team member? Anyone go above and beyond for you?
We’d like to know!