Materials Management: What does it mean for Your Business?

Materials Management: What does it mean for Your Business?

How do You Keep Up with an Ever-changing Industry? Hint: Materials Management

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has left a lasting impact on the manufacturing and production industries. On top of that, the telecommunications industry is experiencing material shortages and long lead times that can delay your projects even further. When you’re an independent service provider or contractor who struggles to receive the products and/or resources you need, how can you navigate through these obstacles and come out successful? Again: Materials Management!

It All Starts with a Plan…

When you’re just starting out and/or don’t have a purchasing department, you can’t afford surprises that delay projects. Once you get past the common complaint we all have: “there’s never enough time in the day,” you can dig a little deeper to find services out there to tackle your materials management hurdles – even some you might not be aware of. If you’re looking to expand your broadband network and don’t know where to begin – a feasibility study is a logical first step. Geospatial engineering can also help move you in the right direction.

Bridge the Digital Divide with Geospatial Engineering

Everyone sees the big push for expanding broadband networks, especially in rural communities. Networks and technology are changing so quickly and the drive for more bandwidth means yours has to be robust, reliable, and future-proof. Feasibility studies and geospatial engineering can give you the data to help drive your design. The right network engineering may be an upfront cost, but it can save you time and money in the long run by having materials in place and your network built right the first time.

When you work with a materials supplier that offers these services, it can help your project move efficiently from planning to construction. Simply put – Engineering and materials go hand-in-hand. Having a solid plan from the beginning ensures your project materials and supplies can be consistent and perfectly timed. If you’re thinking “We already have engineering,” you could consider supplementing your existing plan with geospatial engineering. Discover 5 Ways Your Engineers Can Take Advantage of Geospatial Engineering.

Solving Problems (Before They Happen!)

Once construction begins, so do delays. How are you going to stay ahead of both known and unknown issues? It’s easy – You need a supplier who works alongside you to understand your specific needs, provide information resources, and work as an extension of your team. Construction efficiency can provide a user-friendly tool to track project status in real-time. We all know a logistics company’s sole focus is to get supplies from one place to another, not so much tracking and materials management – That’s one thing that hasn’t changed during the pandemic.

Thinking Local to Extend Your Broadband Connection Beyond That

Finding a local supplier that has the right inventory in stock near your build can make a huge difference when it comes to combatting delays. How many times have you wished you could just jump into a truck and pick up your order when the delivery truck doesn’t show up? Working with a local supplier means you can do just that. You have the option of will-call pick-ups that work based on your schedule and if they offer delivery, even better. You can schedule your delivery when you know your guys will be on-site and there won’t be any delays at a logistics hub along the way.

Access to the Important Stuff – All Online

What if your order is too big for will-call? Take advantage of on-time updates. We know you need a team watching your every order from start to finish, notifying you of any changes to lead times, calculating estimated ship dates, and sending tracking numbers as soon as they are available. You don’t have to spend your time tracking down all of this info when your supplier has an easy-to-use client portal. You can access it all online from anywhere, and you don’t have to dig through all your emails to find it. Not to mention the ease of having access to open quotes, reordering products, paying your bill, and reviewing open invoices online. It’s all in a centralized location and available 24/7 to have visibility into what your materials are doing. It’s also nice to see what products are available online.

Going Beyond Materials Management…

As an independent service provider or contractor, you might not have the luxury of investors like a larger network owner might have. If you’re struggling to find the funds for all of the upfront costs, find a materials supplier that offers flexible financing options. When you can work with a financial team that will work with you to create terms and conditions that fit your needs, this allows you to move forward with your projects without available funds holding you back. This also applies to large capital equipment purchases.

Having the right equipment can help save on labor costs, make installation more efficient, and allows you to expand your business offerings. However, the upfront cost of this equipment can stall these improvements for many businesses. Finding a flexible rental and leasing program can take away that stress. With rentals, you can use the equipment for as long or as little as you need to keep your crews working without the big initial investment. With a leasing option, you can put that equipment to work while you are paying for it. These two options can open up the possibilities for your business to grow.

The Millennium Difference: Our Clients are the Foundation

We aim to be caring, curious, passionate, and dependable with every single client we serve in every situation, and that’s what we believe sets us apart. We’ve built our business to be a one-stop shop for all things broadband. We’d love to work with you to find a solution that fits your needs. Feel free to reach out about your material management needs, or even just to say hi!

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