What Capital Equipment can do for Your Business Growth

New Year, New Goals. Does that include New Equipment?

Millennium is here to help you plan for your capital equipment needs and grow your business. We can help you expand your current services and diversify your service offerings by teaching you how to use each piece! We offer a wide range of fiber installation, testing, and splicing solutions: fiber blowers and pullers, cable lashers, and equipment for testing and splicing. We can offer you personalized solutions to help you grow your business through capital equipment.

Millennium is proud to partner with key vendors to offer the latest testing and splicing equipment along with a full suite of fiber installation products. We leverage our vendor relationships to ensure we are equipment-trained, and we can pair options with your pricing preferences.

Whether it be for long-haul or short distances, we offer fiber blowers and pullers for your project needs with options to rent, buy or lease. Need a cable lasher quickly? We stock cable lashers for aerial solutions and offer flexible financing options or the ability to rent as well. Is your equipment down or being recalibrated? We have a selection of splicers or fiber optic testing options that can also be rented or purchased to your specified configurations. If you need new equipment, want to expand your service offerings, or are on the hunt for a product demo – we have you covered.

Quick 6: Questions you should be asking yourself when planning for capital equipment needs.

  1. Do I need help with financing equipment to meet my project deadlines? 

Millennium can help you plan for your current needs and get a head start on future projects. We offer several flexible financing options that will help your business grow when purchasing capital equipment. From flexible terms to our Rental and Leasing program, we are here to find a solution for your needs. We want you to bid on all the projects you can, even if you don’t have the equipment to complete them, because we can help you get it. Not sure what equipment you will need for the project, our team of experts can help you find the right one to get the job done. 

  1. Do I want to expand my offerings?

If you currently offer limited services then broadening and upgrading your equipment arsenal can help you expand the services you provide to your clients. With our rental program, you can get equipment for a limited time and see if expanding would be beneficial for your business. We understand the importance of purchasing capital equipment – and that it’s not just about having it, but it’s important to know how to use it.

With our rental program, you can also try before you buy. Test out the latest technology and find the one that works best for your needs. Alternatively, if you are looking to purchase equipment, we offer products configured to your exact specifications. 

  1. Does my team have the right training?

Sometimes you want to expand your business and just don’t have the know-how to get started with new equipment. Millennium offers demos and training through our Rental and Leasing program or when you take the leap and purchase. If you are interested in purchasing a particular piece of equipment and want to see it in action before you buy it, we can demo the product for you. It allows you to ask any questions and get a better understanding of the equipment before purchasing it.

We also offer hands-on training from our in-house specialists or factory-trained field team members for a one-time fee. The specialist will assist you with initial equipment set-up and train your employees to ensure maximum performance, best practices, and correct usage of the products.

  1. Is my equipment getting too old? Do I have everything I need to stay on track?

All equipment needs updating at some point. When it does, you will need to replace it. Millennium keeps select capital equipment in stock for purchase – so when you need a new machine, we have it available. That means no waiting around for what you need. This can help keep your crews on schedule and minimize any delays.

If you need more equipment to stay on schedule, you can rent through Millennium Leasing. This allows you to get equipment to stay caught up on work and return it when you no longer need it. The best part is maintenance and service are on us for all rental products. 

  1. Is there a way I can be more efficient?

Sometimes the best way to grow your business is to become more efficient. With new technology always coming out, your equipment can become out of date and reduce your efficiency very quickly. If you are looking to update or upgrade your equipment, Millennium can help you find the best solution for your needs, even as your needs are changing.

With labor costs being the majority of fiber optic network build costs, having more efficient equipment that can do more and require less manpower. This helps with both reduing overall cost and saving time. Don’t forget – some equipment can be upgraded with just a software enhancement. Talk to your sales representative to see what is available.

  1. What is the financial implication of purchasing vs. leasing or renting?

Millennium offers several flexible financing programs that can help you purchase equipment. Our sales team will work with you to find the best program for your needs. We work with our vendors to provide you with special promotions throughout the year to save you money. 

And don’t forget, purchasing capital equipment can actually lower your annual tax burden. If you happen to have money in your budget at the end of the year, we can partner with you to create customized equipment or maintenance packages for your crew. And if you buy, rent, or lease your new equipment Millennium offers affordable payments to help you manage your cash-flow and stay on budget.

Rent. Lease. Buy.

Millennium is here to help you with your capital equipment needs. We understand the importance of planning for large purchases and we are here to help you every step of the way from planning, purchasing, and using your new equipment. Let us help you grow your business through installation equipment like fiber blowers, pullers, or lashers to splicing equipment for connecting fiber optic cables to testing equipment to make your network is up and ready to work.