TCS Field Installable Mechanical Connectors

Introducing Field Installable Mechanical Connectors from Total Cable Solutions:

  • Compatible with drop, 900μm, 2mm, and 3mm cables
  • Reusable – Fiber can be reseated
  • Simple & Fast Installation – No epoxy required. Factory-polished ferrule eliminates polishing in the field
  • Low loss – Average: 0.25dB, Maximum: 0.5dB

The Total Cable Solutions Field Installable Mechanical Connectors are APC or UPC pre-polished with standard SC or LC optical connectors that can be used in various types of applications throughout a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Network. This tool can be used by technicians in the field for installations, maintenance, and repairs. 

Mechanical connectors are generally used to terminate a drop cable, 900μm breakout, or standard 2mm or 3mm patch cord. The TCS Field Installable Mechanical Connectors come in a pack of 10 and each pack includes the housings, connectors, tail boots, soft tail sets, and a cutting jig.

The defining characteristic of this product is that instead of having to order multiple connectors for different size cables, the TCS Field Installable Mechanical Connectors are compatible with 900µm, 2mm, and 3mm cable sizes. This reduces the number of SKUs that are required in the field and simplifies the installation process.

Even though it is proven that a hard fusion splice connector will provide a lower loss, sometimes that is not always the most feasible option. When there is a lack of expertise, equipment, or funds; the TCS Field Installable Mechanical Connectors are a perfect solution with an average optical loss of 0.25dB.

Splicing equipment and the expertise that comes along with it can be expensive and limited at times. Luckily, this product does not require a splicer and is simple to train on, making it an overall economical choice. The exceptional ease-of-use makes it a great option for technicians who are new to the industry, do not have an in-depth knowledge base of how to splice, or do not usually splice as a primary part of their job function.

The factory-polished ferrule eliminates the need for polishing in the field, and no epoxy is required for a simple and fast installation. The tools that are necessary to utilize this product properly are:

  • Fiber optic cleaning products
  • A portable clever
  • Kevlar cutters
  • Miller pliers
  • A cutting jig (provided)
  • The connector 

Check out a demo from TCS to learn how to use Field Installable Mechanical Connectors:

Overall, the Total Cable Solutions Field Installable Mechanical Connectors are an ideal product for fiber technicians to always have on hand. The cable size compatibility, fast installation, and low loss make it an effective option for your FTTH installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Get your own Field-Installable Mechanical Connectors:

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