ADSS, Limited Tension Deadend


Deadend, ADSS, Limited Tension, .452″-.481″ Cable, Includes thimble clevis and extension link, PLP 2872003C1E1

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  • Dielectric Dead-end product line has
    been designed to securely but gently terminate All Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) aerial fiber optic cable. A two
    component design consisting of appropriate size and length
    of Structural Reinforcing Rods and dead-end component
    is required to transfer axial tensile loads and distribute
    radial compressive forces through the plastic jacket and
    onto the internal strength members without damaging the
    fragile plastic jacket or internal optical fibers.
  • Limited Tension Dead-ends:
    Intended for relatively low tension application usually
    associated with short span construction. They are not cable
    or line design specific but are designed to fit broad diameter
    ranges. Holding performance will vary by specific cable
    brand and operating conditions. Therefore, no specific
    holding strength rating is possible.
    In general, Limited Tension Dead-ends are intended for
    use with these conditions and limitations:
    • Low tensions, approximately:
    – 1,000# (4.4kN) maximum initial (stringing/nominal
    axial/long-term) tension
    – 2,500# (11.1 kN) maximum loaded (working/loaded
    axial/short-term) tension
    • Short spans:
    – 300′ – 600′ (91-183 m) typical maximum spans
    depending upon cable OD and tensions
    – not recommended for critical crossing spans
    (highways, rivers, etc.); see Medium or High
    Tension Dead-ends
    • Low strength cables
    • “Standard” jackets
    • Most cable brands
    • No excessive operating conditions, cable motion or
    high temperatures.
  • Limited Tension Dead-end features:
    • Standard design parameters
    • Broad cable OD ranges, listed on ID tags
    • Short Structural Reinforcing Rods
    • Short dead-end component
    • Structural Reinforcing Rods and Dead-end
    components packaged in same carton
    • Fast, easy installation
    • Utilizes economical TC-5F Thimble Clevis

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