Our Vision

We focus on your success

Our clients’ profitability, success and potential for future growth is the reason Millennium exists. At Millennium, we believe that acting as a partner and putting your needs before our bottom line is what makes the difference between simply being a vendor and being a strategic resource to help you exceed your own customers’ expectations.

We build client partnerships

Our business model is based on helping you win more projects and customers now and contributing to your future growth. From our prospective, operating as your supportive partner, is the best of all possible long-term business investments. That’s why we’ll work with you on pricing. And why we’re always striving to find new ways to help you win your next project.

We work as a team

Details matter – especially when it comes to ensuring your success. So from the initial sales meeting through the time your order is complete, everyone in our company works as a seamless team to provide the Millennium Experience. You can choose to view your order and progress online, get calls from customer service or simply receive emails regarding your order status, but our team will communicate with you to minimize or eliminate delays and surprises on your projects.

We believe in education

At Millennium we believe that investing in education and experience is the only way to truly service clients. That holds true for our own staff, and also holds true for our commitment to you as our client. Trusting in Millennium to supply your materials and construction equipment means that we will always offer training, seminars and the presentation of new ideas to keep your team current and functional so you can consistently exceed your customers’ expectations.

We make the right connections

Millennium doesn’t work with every customer and vendor. We carefully select those clients and vendors with the right mix of requirements and products and build relationships that last by consistently setting and exceeding expectations. These relationships are critical to providing high quality products, excellent support, fair pricing and on time delivery when and where our customers need it.

We develop new markets

Millennium focuses on geographically underserved markets. We seek out locations where projects and contractors are building and historically have to ship in materials from miles, sometimes States away. We will position and stock a breadth of inventory driven by our clients’ requirements and location and service a three hour radius from that location

We grow with our clients

Millennium is capable of providing premium service to almost any size client but our core focus is on helping small-to-mid-size contractors and end users with annual sales below $50M. The personalized service Millennium provides can make a significant difference in helping these customers succeed on every project and prosper in the future. And since our success depends on theirs, we’re always ready to support and enhance their growth in every way we can.