INNO View Pro Series


Introducing INNO View Pro Splicers…Believe your eyes!

The new INNO View Pro Series splicers allow for the most advanced, easy-to-use format when offering active clad alignment or core alignment options while including an enhanced automatic cleaver and digital cloud software options.

What makes them so intuitive? Well…

  • Enhanced sheath clamp for more stability and consistent alignment
  • Rubber bumpers for added drop protection
  • Easily attach a tripod for workstation support
  • Fast heater (check out View 8 PRO for the fastest around!)
  • Full touch monitor
  • Onboard video for full training loaded into the machines
  • Improved carrying case, enlarged the size to include work tray; open the lid and operate while still in the case or lock on top of the case for added stability
  • Time Lock function prevents theft, unlock the device with a password
  • Use a memory stick?  No problem. But you should hear about the cloud management system.

✓  Each model includes an improved V11 Automatic Cleaver

One step with fully automatic blade rotation after every splice and height adjustment after each cleave, with a 60K cleave life and 3 points that hold the fiber down – allowing for the most secure cleave in the industry. (Did we mention the trash bin to take the fiber scraps?)

See the difference between units:

View 3 PRO 900-010410 Active V-Groove Clad Alignment – great for contractors and service providers for Last Mile and service drops. SEE SPECS -or- BUY IT
View 5 PRO 900-010409 Core Alignment with added bumper protection.


View 8+ PRO 900-010411 NEW: Core Alignment – All the bells and whistles as the view 5, plus 6-second splice time and fastest 9-second heat shrink time.


View 12R PRO 900-010412 Ribbon splicing made easy: 12 fiber ribbon using V-Groove alignment.


But what really sets the INNO Pro Series apart? The iNNO View Pro Cloud Management System. It’s an integrated cloud-based software platform for INNO splicers. This INNOvative web-based application allows both technicians and managers of the splicers to maximize the use of its assets and to achieve the highest work efficiency. The real-time communications, with tiered access rights and options to manage job orders, manage splicing machines, and send/receive reports, is only a small part of the work processes featured with the View Pro. The View Pro Management System features:
  • Real-Time Fleet Management
  • Remote Lock Device
  • Web-based Operating System and Application
  • Cloud-Based Storage: SIM card to keep everything online

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