6 Personalized Financing Solutions to Keep Your Fiber Build on Track

Financial Flexibility at Your Fingertips.

Managing finances is a crucial part of a company’s growth strategy. It can be the difference between a successful year in the black or time spent struggling in the red. At Millennium, we understand the importance of managing cash-flow and have created several flexible financing strategies to help your company grow (and stay in the black!).

Because you are more than just a number to us, Millennium wants to support you and your specific needs to not only keep your business going but also grow it. We understand that each business is different and one program can’t benefit everyone, so we created six! Our range of flexible financing options was designed for a variety of situations. Our team of experts will work with you to find the program that best suits your business today and in the future.

Millennium Offers a Program for Every Financial Situation.

  1. Flexible Payment Terms: Millennium offers flexible payment terms that will work within your cash-flow to allow you to extend your payment terms. Projects can get messy, and there are always unknown variables that are out of your control. Relax, we’ve got you covered.
  2. Extended Terms: This finance program was designed specifically for the long haul. It extends your credit terms beyond what is typically agreed upon. This program provides financial support for large projects where work must be completed prior to payout or when you’re working through grants and subsidies
  3. Staging Materials and Invoicing: If you can’t keep stock or transport job site materials, Millennium has a solution for that. Take advantage of one of our 12 warehouse locations to stage materials, and we’ll ship them directly to the job site based on your project timeline. We can also invoice you as needed – We always do our best to invoice you accordingly based on your needs.
  4. Consignment Inventory & Dedicated Yards: If you have large projects with large amounts of inventory needed, we will work with you to set up a local yard to stock and supply your materials. We can even proactively manage your inventory to get it off your plate. This allows you the flexibility and accessibility to access your materials when you need them with no waiting.
  5. Lease-to-own Options: By utilizing our Rental and Leasing Program, Millennium offers Lease-to-own options for capital equipment. We created this program for clients who may not have the finances to pay for brand new equipment out of pocket, but they still need it to maintain and grow their business. Millennium Leasing agreements are based on 12-, 18-, or 24-month terms. At the end of the term period, we’ll transfer the ownership of the equipment to you. Fill out the application today for our Lease-to-own program.
  6. Rental Equipment: Millennium Leasing also offers capital equipment rental options. For a reasonable rate, you can rent equipment for each project. We offer rentals on fiber blowers, pullers, lashers, fusion splicers, as well as fiber testing OLTS and OTDRs. View available equipment using the up-to-date calendar feature.

The Advantages for Your Business.

In an industry of evolving schedules and lead times, it is crucial to take every opportunity to get ahead before it’s too late. Discover how these options can benefit you by keeping your budgets on track while growing your business.

Our options allow you to plan ahead by ordering your materials before you may need them. By planning for your future projects, it can help your timelines run smoothly and minimize scheduling conflicts. Furthermore, planning ahead for materials also means you can better create and follow your budget for the job. Sometimes it can be hard to plan for the future or you don’t know where to start, so we have trained our sales team to ask all the right questions to help minimize any future issues and headaches for you.

Planning ahead can also lead to shorter lead times or getting your materials delivered right on schedule. We know it is costly to have crews waiting for materials, so by using our Flexible Financing Programs you can arrange both your materials and labor schedules ahead of time. This ensures your materials will be there when you need them to be reducing any negative productivity costs

These options can help you win project bids. They allow you to go after projects that you may not currently have the funds to pay for the material or equipment up-front. If you win the bid you can then use our flexible terms to purchase the necessary materials. You can also then secure the equipment needed through purchasing, leasing, or renting it.

Our Rental and Leasing program has many benefits of its own. Renting equipment also allows you to supplement your equipment if you need to stay on schedule due to not having enough equipment to complete the job or if yours needs maintenance. Plus, when renting equipment, maintenance and service is our responsibility, not yours.

Our rental program also allows you to try equipment with the latest technology before you buy it to make sure it will fit your needs. While renting can be helpful, some contractors want to own their equipment. One benefit of leasing equipment is you can reduce your annual tax burden. Another is the low monthly payments that we offer.

Here at Millennium, we have a set of core values that we use to keep our vision at the forefront of our minds. The most notable of our core values is an emphasis on Client-First Focus. Millennium’s Flexible Financing Programs offer payment flexibility and other solutions to help your business grow in the black.