AFL Trade-up Promo

Trade your old M-Series OTDR for $1,000 credit towards any new FS300-325 kit.

All M-series OTDRs qualify for trade-up promo regardless of age or condition – including M200, M210e, M310, MM700, M710. See more details on eligibility. Promo ends May 31, 2021.

There are 1,010 reasons to trade up to the FS300-325.

(Hint: The first 1,000 reasons are the $1,000 credit)
Check out the other 10 reasons:

1. SmartAuto® multi-pulse acquisition

2. Large, easy-to-understand LinkMap® color-coded icons 

3. Swipe-to-pan LinkMap navigation

4. Higher resolution, gesture-recognition touchscreen

5. Much smaller & lighter

6. Faster power-up/down and test times

7. Supports both FTTH PON and Point-to-Point networks

8. Accepts Inspection results from FOCIS family of inspection scopes (FOCIS Flex / Duel / Lightning)

9. Auto-save/send, integrated Print-to-PDF and FlexScan App for remote upload

10. Works with MPO Switch to accelerate multi-fiber testing