1 in a MIL: Millennium’s Influential Leaders – Rick Long

Rick Long, Millennium Utah

Our 1 in a MIL spotlight recognizes Rick Long of Millennium. 

Millennium’s Influential Leaders (aka 1 in a MIL) help inspire people to be the best versions of themselves while helping drive the business forward. Their goals include both people and results; they create circles of influence and lead by inspiring people around them to be better. They aren’t necessarily managers or have direct reports. However, they contribute to the overall success of Millennium by the way they carry themselves, support the organization, and overall contribute to our culture. They are caring and curious. They are dependable and passionate. They are one in a Millennium.

Today we are excited to turn that spotlight on Rick Long. Rick heads up our Utah warehouse. If you have been lucky enough to visit his warehouse for an order pick-up, you know he works hard to keep an orderly warehouse and yard. Rick takes pride in his work and is always willing to go above and beyond for his fellow employees and clients. Even if it means being called back to the warehouse on a Friday to help pull a last-minute order. You can count on Rick to be there when you need him. 

We sat down with Rick to get to know him a little better and learn about his experiences working for Millennium and what he is passionate about outside of work. 


What brought you to Millennium?

A temp service, needed a job, and luck! 


What inspires you to wake up every day and bring the best version of yourself to Millennium?

I want James and Nate to know they can count on me!


Tell us about an accomplishment that you’re proud of?

The purchase of my land near Elko, NV in 2020 and the start of a container home.


What’s a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year?

Hopefully a promotion!


What are you happiest doing when you’re not working?

Riding my Harley – I’ve been an avid motorcyclist all my life.


What is a cause that you care about?

Animals not going hungry.


Way to go, Rick – Thank you for making Millennium a great place to work and for keeping it real! 👍


Who’s your favorite Millennium team member? Anyone go above and beyond for you?
We’d like to know!