1 in a MIL: Millennium’s Influential Leaders – Lexi Houghton

Lexi Houghton

Our 1 in a MIL spotlight recognizes Lexi Houghton of Millennium.

Millennium’s Influential Leaders (aka 1 in a MIL) help inspire people to be the best versions of themselves while helping drive the business forward. Their goals include both people and results; they create circles of influence and lead by inspiring people around them to be better. They aren’t necessarily managers or have direct reports. However, they contribute to the overall success of Millennium by the way they carry themselves, support the organization, and overall contribute to our culture. They are caring and curious. They are dependable and passionate. They are one in a Millennium.

Today we are excited to turn that spotlight on Lexi Houghton, Corporate Trainer. Lexi has been with Millennium for over a year. In that time, she has shown time and time again that she is passionate about continuous improvement. She is not happy with the status quo and is always looking for ways to tweak things to be more efficient, be more transparent, be more effective, and be more impactful. It’s this drive and passion for learning that make her a great trainer for our new employees and an impactful contributor when working with her coworkers.

If you work with Lexi on a project she will set the bar high and is not afraid to get you to deliver those expectations. This is where she leads by example and inspires others. She inspires confidence in our new employees through her work. People trust her and she is genuine in the relationships she develops throughout Millennium. You give her an idea – she runs with it and returns with results that far exceed your expectations

We sat down with Lexi to get to know her a little better and to learn about her experiences working for Millennium and what she is passionate about outside of work.

Tell us a little about how you’ve personally grown from being a part of Millennium? 

I began my career with Millennium during a scary time. A time where a lot of people were losing their jobs due to the Pandemic. I started to work for a company where I did not know much about our products, clients, services, and coworkers. I quickly realized how lucky I was to have landed an opportunity with Millennium. Starting out in Accounting, I was able to shine because my boss trusted me and gave me the freedom to come in and do my job. I quickly built relationships with my co-workers as well as our clients. When an opportunity arose for me to explore another position within the company, I decided to go for it and received support from everyone. I’ve now been able to join forces with our Employee Development team to recreate our onboarding experience for new hires and am so excited to focus on continued development for the employees at Millennium!

Tell us a little about how you’ve personally grown from being a part of Millennium? 

I absolutely love my job. I can honestly say there is not one thing I would change about my role, my team, our culture here at Millennium, or the company. I get to be one of the first faces that our New Hires see when they walk into our HeadQuarters to begin their first week of training. I get to support them and offer myself as a resource as they continue to grow with Millennium.

I also have the best boss. A woman who is so supportive of her team and everyone else with the company. She truly wants to see everyone succeed and has everyone’s best interest at heart.

Is there someone who has helped you grow personally and professionally?

Mary Burback [Millennium VP of Employee Success and Development]. As I mentioned in my previous answer, I have the greatest boss. I truly feel so inspired every day working with her. She supports me in a way that makes me feel confident in my job and excited for the future. She is a cheerleader both professionally and personally and I am so blessed to work alongside her.

What brought you to Millennium? How did you join the team?

COVID-19! I know, weird, right? I was furloughed from my previous job when COVID really started to hit; I was in the process of purchasing my first home and I needed to be fully employed so I started looking and came across Millennium. Blessing in disguise! (For Millennium, of course. LOL!)

Tell us about an accomplishment that you’re proud of.

Getting promoted to the Corporate Trainer has been a HUGE accomplishment. I’ve been able to meet so many people within the company and truly get to know more about Millennium’s roots, our core values, our focus, and what makes us work so hard.
Outside of Millennium – I’ve had a great year. I just purchased my second home and got engaged!

What’s a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year?

Professionally, I want to continue to develop the Training role. We have our hands in a lot of projects right now and I can’t wait to see the outcome of each. I look forward to being a resource for people during their entire onboarding experience and will be continuing to grow my knowledge so I can be a valuable resource.
Personally, I want to get married! I’m 31… it’s about dang time.

What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?

Is drinking wine an acceptable answer? All joking aside.. drinking wine while petting my dog. And spending time with my Fiancé, I suppose.

I LOVE to garden and I cannot wait to get my hands on our new yard next spring/summer. I also love to spend as much time with my family as possible.

Tell us something surprising or unique about yourself.

I’m really not that interesting… I think a few things that may surprise people is that I love Jazz music. I hardly ever have a TV on, instead, I like to come home from work and put on Jazz and clean up around the house and then sit down and read a book.


Way to go, Lexi – Thank you for making Millennium a great place to work and for keeping it real! 

Who’s your favorite Millennium team member? Anyone go above and beyond for you?
We’d like to know!